I think we women can all relate when I say that shopping off-season (during sale or in outlets) gives us a rush like nothing else. At least it does for me. Those who have known me for a while now know that I’m all about combining high street with high end and that I mostly shop on a budget. I have a few designer items hanging in my wardrobe but I’m as happy with those items as I am with clothing from high street brands. 

 There are various ways to find designer items (or high street) for a lower price and I recently come across the website of Dress For Less. On their website, which can be seen as an outlet store, they offer clothing, shoes and accessories from various brands for very affordable prices. Needless to say that you can order items from brands such as Fillipa K, Costume National and Moschino in the comforts of your own home. As they have a huge range of items and carry 350 labels, there is always something to find without having to search through a pile of clothing in a store. As I find quality and design very important when it comes to anything, I will admit that I’m not the easiest customer to please. But I easily found items that were up to my standards and the pricing was even better then imagined.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Great photo :)

  2. This is a great outfit!! Look forward to checking it the website!! :) xx

  3. I love your way of photography. It stands out...really unique. I do share your opinion that quality and design are very important when it comes to shopping for clothing items!

  4. Flawless, dress, makeup, all. :) Would love to see a bit more photos of you in this dress.

  5. Hele mooie jurk!

    Graag nodig ik je uit deze leuke mode enquete voor mijn afstudeercollectie in te vullen. Kies welke versie van bekende modeklassiekers jij het leukst vindt.
    Je zou me veel helpen. Alvast bedankt! xIris


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