Wearing: Earrings The Boyscouts, Knitted dress H&M, Belt Zara

Those who have been following me for years already know that I'm not afraid to wear an item multiple times. In fact, over the years I have always said that the key to style is to be able to reinvent your items every time. I always tell myself, practice what you preach and since many have been asking about it I thought it would be a great idea to show how you can reinvent your garments with very simple adjustments. You have seen this dress before, in fact I have worn it in two different variations already and today I decided to make a simple adjustment by throwing on a belt. By adding the belt I created the illusion that I'm wearing two separate pieces instead of one. Little effort, big difference. Later this week I will show you another look with this dress, creating something new again.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. So true, you've always had the art of using your wardrobe and reinventing pieces, lovely look here!

  2. I'm at a point where new stuff doesn't excite me much . and it's true when you reinvent through styling, it doubles the excitement and it's a learning process as well.. This is a good idea.. !

  3. love this!!

  4. Fabulous styling idea, and you Look fabulous! I am a fan of capsule-wardrobing/minimalist-style, and I find it much more fun to repeatedly wear the few items that I own and absolutely love, while finding different ways to style & wear them--rather than seeing a ton of unrelated stuff & stuff I feel just so-so about in my closet & having the feeling of "nothing to wear". This way I always feel good about what I wear and I thoroughly enjoy my clothes and getting dressed every day--such freedom & happiness in a few square feet of closet-space!...


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