To appreciate

Wearing: Jumper Zara, Belt Zara, Skirt Zara.

Just like anything in life, we often forget what we do have and always strive for more. Which isn't always necessarily a bad thing, striving for more in life could mean you want to grow for better. I bet anyone could relate to this, whenever a new seasons starts, we all feel the need to buy new items which suit that season. Even though I invest in timeless garments that will last me longer than one season, before winter I always feel the urge to buy new items (and I never find anything). However, when I can not find new items I always get more creative when it comes to styling. I start creating new looks by wearing garments backwards, by layering and more. This jumper is my go-to garment when it starts to get colder and this time I combined it with a big belt and a skirt worn backwards, creating a front split. 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. angelic beauty in all white!!!!

    phenomenal look<3

  2. love this outfit

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  3. i adore the philosophy .I buy less too.. Id rather create or appreciate what is around, on the same note, id rather have that belt instead of the wang x hm haha

  4. So adorable! Love it!

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