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Today I celebrate the day I was born. To me this days stands for growth and acceptance. After 23 years I can finally say that I have found my true self and have accepted everything that came with it. I have been wanting to talk about this subject for a while and I guess now is the right time. When I was about the age of 12 there were so many things I wanted to change about myself. I constantly compared myself to others and even though nobody noticed I didn't have much self confidence, let alone self acceptance. Which is I guess normal about that age since you are hitting puberty and basically question everything. When I say change, I mean physical changes such as bigger breasts (very cliché). I simply didn't accept myself as I was and getting to a point has been quite a journey. Describing that journey will costs me my fingers since it's too long to write about. However, this got me thinking. If I was having issues at that time, how are others girls that age feeling right now? With social media becoming part of our everyday life girls are constantly confronted with images of other women. Some blogs emphasize materialism and some sort of perfection. And I'm not innocent either. I take good care of myself and do care how I look. However I constantly remind myself and others that there is more than that. Truth is, none of us are perfect. And yes you have heard this about a billion times before but it is true. And you know why none of us are perfect? Because we all have something that makes us unique. My forever designers bags under my eyes and small breast are part of me. There is no one, sure I might have a look a like somewhere on this planet, but there is no one like me. Same goes for you. For me, confidence starts by stopping to compare yourself with others. Sure it is not easy but you can never accept who you are if you desire to be something or someone else. I could have worn a couture dress (who am I kidding, I can't afford it) and talked about my plans for this day but instead I felt this urge to speak from the heart and share this with you. I believe that what I have learnt over the years and having the opportunity to share is much more valuable then a few photos and small text with no meaning. Let's all celebrate this day embracing everything about ourselves (the good and the bad) and continue doing this tomorrow. And the next day.
Life is beautiful and so are you.

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  1. happy birthday. thank you for being an inspiration. may you always be happy

  2. Dit vind ik echt heel mooi geschreven! Ik denk dat door social media de onzekerheid alleen maar groter wordt, en het is belangrijk dat (jonge maar ook oude) mensen hier wat meer bij stilstaan!


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