Along the lines

COS bracelet

Over the years I have built up an overwhelming collection of jewelry. Nowadays I hardly wear jewelry but when I do I usually go for simple silver pieces. I'm sure you have seen this bracelet many times before either on the blog or on instagram, it has simply become a favorite. I decided to get rid of all my other jewelry (which I will soon upload to sell here) and simply invest in a few new ones. This bracelet is one of them, it might have costs a bit more then I usually spent on accessories but it was more then worth it. 

New lengths

Fashionnerdiccloseup Fashionnerdicarchi Shoes Fashionnerdic_architecture
All photos by me and my mum

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been gravitating more towards white these past few weeks but somehow my latest buys have all been in the color black. Two pairs of shoes to be exact, combined with one of my favorite garments from last season. There is something very intriguing about that skirt, the length is something I wouldn't normally wear but it's shaped to perfection which makes me feel very feminine. Same goes for the mules I recently purchased. It's odd shape is exactly what caught my attention and fortunately they are very comfortable.

Withstanding time

Wearing Zara dress COS bracelet

These past few weeks I have been gravitating more and more towards white again. It might have to do with spring but mostly because I feel a lot fresher in white then in black. Black has become more convenient for on a regular basis, aside from the fact that it's weather and stain proof. Nevertheless both colors still intrigue me and will probably still do a long time from now. I remember the time were I wore an explosion of colors everyday, I sometimes spent hours looking in my wardrobe and combining everything with anything. Nowadays I hardly have to look, I know what I have and what works. By trying to combine them differently from time to time I feel 'new' every time. 

New forms

Shoes Zara

My obsession with shoes is growing out of hand. Last week I showed off new shoes on instagram and I recently bought another pair namely these leather mules. It might be a good idea to avoid shoe departments for a while now.

There are no great limits

Wearing COS dress and Zara shoes

To growth.
There are no limits of human intelligence, imagination and wonder. Being happy is also a form of growth. We are happy when we are growing.

The morning after the night before

 All photos by my mum and me.

It has been a bit quiet here but I have been extremely busy with shoots and the academy (what's new). However as always I like to capture my fascinations and looks from day to day and mostly share these on my instagram account. These photos are some of my favorites from last week where I spent some of my time sitting by the water, walking around in the city centre and capturing our city's architecture. Hopefully I will have a bit more time on my hands somewhere this week to give you a new outfit post, bare with me please.

I value all that we discover

Wearing: Dress Zara (sale)

As mentioned many times before I try to invest in garments I think will last longer then a season. Don't get me wrong, I often see items I desire to buy but most of the times I can get it together and walk out of the store. I had seen this dress before but in my opinion it was ridiculously overpriced. When sale season started I honestly forgot about this dress and only bought a pair of shoes and a top I wanted. Last week during a spontaneous visit I bumped into the dress with a massive discount. You can imagine what happend this time (running towards the register instead of leaving the store). I'm very satisfied with the dress, it's very comfortable and doesn't need much to look great. 

The new

Photos by my mum and me. 

"Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences and failing to achieve anything useful."

Margaret Wheatley

Modern sensibility

Wearing: Bralette H&M, Long pencil skirt H&M

 We were lucky enough to skip winter and go straight into pleasant spring like days. I couldn't be happier since I long for summer as soon as fall starts. Lately I have spending my days working a lot, doing as much shoots as we possibly can, keeping up with my blog and instagram, writing for companies and magazines, working out and working on the academy. It might look like a lot on paper but I actually feel great doing all. Of course it is pleasant to have some more time on your hands from time to time but that doesn't get you very far does it? 

Inseparable connections

Photos by my mum and me.

One will grow and learn but some things will always remain the same.