Wearing: Turtleneck Zara, Skirt Zara

Now that fall has arrived we can all bundle up in cozy sweaters and scarfs. Personally, I prefer turtlenecks over scarfs but I might change my mind this season since I have seen a beautiful cashmere scarf that I might buy. As mentioned in previous post, my look this season is all about sweaters and skirts. I have some sweaters from last season but for some reason I can not find anything new I like, not in stores or online. I'm probably not the only one who has this problem, when you are looking for something specific, you never seem to find it. I went shopping for winter garments and came back with a dress instead (someone should have stopped me). Am I the only one who does that? The search continues.. 

Approaching fall

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Wearing: Jumper Zara, Top Zara, Bracelet and necklace COS, Jeans Weekday

Now that we officially said goodbye to summer, it's time to prepare for fall. October has had beautiful days where I was lucky enough to take off my sweater and wrap it around my waist to feel the glowing sun on my skin. Nevertheless, preparation for fall is still going and aside from a new wool coat I'm still on the hunt for a few sweaters. But for some reason I simply can not find what I'm looking for. When I find something I like design wise, the quality is poor or the other way around. This season I'm going for the CelinĂ©-esque look. Mid-length skirts and cozy sweaters/coats. As I have been embracing my femininity throughout the summer, I'm definitely planning to continuing this during fall and winter. 

Last days of summer

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Photos by me and my mum

Unlike a few years ago, when we had to say goodbye to summer before we even reached August, we were blessed with some beautiful summery days in October and as it's my favorite season I took advantage of it by wearing my favorite summer items for the last time. Now that we are transitioning into fall I'm preparing my wardrobe for some serious layering. Even though I find seasons such as fall and winter charming, nothing can beat the summer where I can wear anything from flowy fabrics to pencil skirts. Until we meet again summer.

Count your blessings

Wearing: Top by my mum, Bracelet COS, Pants H&M.

From the moment I was born that has been a very special women present in my life. My mother. Now we all have love for our mothers, as they have carried us and taken care of us our entire lives. But today I simply feel like sharing how I admire my mother, who is such a magnificent person. She has been a huge influence in my life and still is. My mum has never lived an easy life, she had to flee her country of origin due war and didn't have the financial means to continue studying after high school. Nevertheless she carried through all struggles with grace and really made something of herself. She is one of the main reasons why I want to accomplish my dreams, as she never got the chance. I have never met anyone who is so patient and caring as my mother. Aside from all of that, she is extremely creative, she often takes my photos and designs my closet, as for this top which is also her design. I can go on and on about how much she means to me but the point I want to make here is that we are so blessed nowadays to be able to study and pursue any dreams we have. Whenever you are in a bad place, remind yourself that there is always someone going through the same or worse. Try to find positive things of the situation and seek comfort to those who are closest. Use these experiences to grow stronger, we can accomplish so much in life.


Wearing: Top H&M, Bracelet COS, Skirt Zara

Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. There have been (and sometimes still are) situations in which I wish I had handled differently. Since I can not turn back the hands of time, I can only learn and grow from these experiences and nowadays when I find myself in another situation where fear gets the best of me I remind myself that I have nothing to loose. There are so many roads to discover, let's all explore them and float away towards our dreams.

Contouring lines

Photo by my mum

I have always been fascinated by garments that aren't made out of regular cuts. Wether it's a diagonal cut on the inside of the garment or an asymmetrical cut on the outside, it always gravitates me to the design. Again, I may have repeated this over and over again but minimalism goes beyond simple forms. Minimalism originated in the early 60s by artists in the United States and Europe (The Netherlands and Germany) whom began working on a new artistic vision in which they concentrated on the basic elements, such as color, size, scale, shape and position. Some were driven by mathematics but they all strove for pure objectivity, in which all non-essential elements were removed to emphasize the outer qualities of the work. There are several influences that can be applied in minimalism. Perhaps the most striking is the similarity in architecture, some also say that minimalism is architecture in miniature. This, among others things is what gravitates me towards minimalistic design. It's timeless and functional.

Everything is simple


I strongly believe that things in life are simple. When you have a dream, any dream, the answer to your dream is simple. When you believe that you are capable to achieve this dream, everything in life will live through that belief. Meaning, you will do everything to come closer to your dream everyday. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Design and before I even crossed the finish line I had many worries about my future. How would I come by financially and how would I get myself out there? These and many other questions kept me up daily. It wasn't until I purchased the book "Infinite possibilities" by Mike Dooley. I could finally return to my beliefs, that I'm destine to achieve my goals, any goal for that matter. It is such a positive and inspiring book that I can honestly say that it has changed my life. In his book Mike Dooley hits all points on how to achieve your dreams, as he says that manifesting our dreams isn't about hard work - it's about belief, expectation and above all knowing the truth about our place in the universe. I have no idea if this is a topic you would be interested in but if so, I would love to go into these things a little further. Most of all, I'm very open to any other suggestions on books or even your own thoughts.

Defining style

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Photos by me and my mum

I can't believe that it is over two years now since my style has radically changed. Many have asked me what influenced this change, I became interested in minimalism and realized that I felt many connections with designers/artists who specialize in this field. I reduced my closet from three to one and got rid of all the trend driven items I had bought over the years. I replaced these items with timeless pieces and I haven't changed a thing since then. When I first started to gravitate towards minimalism I was mostly inspired by designers who explored minimalism in shapes, in a way that wasn't restricted to the usual categories of gender. Before my transition into minimalism my style was very feminine and as time progressed I started to return to femininity but then within minimalism. Nowadays I prefer accentuating my femininity especially now that I'm working out more regularly. Funny thing is that people think that once you commit to a specific style you will basically look the same year after year. Fact is, you are much more aware of what defines your style and simply play around that concept. 

Embracing the new

Wearing: Zara top and skirt

We are past the first week of September and I couldn't love this month more. It's the month where I get to enjoy the September issues of magazines, plan projects for next season and celebrate new collections with many others. As much as I love looking forward, reality is that we slowly have to transition to fall and as mentioned in my previous post I always reinvent items from last season into the new season. Luckily the weather has been fine lately, a slight summer breeze and lower temperatures, perfect to pair long sleeved tops with skirts. Today I wore one of my favorite shirts from last season, to me it has this CelinĂ©-esque vibe and to others it may look like a straitjacket. But again, the most important thing when it comes to personal style is that you feel comfortable in all the things you wear. You should wear what you like and like what you wear.


Bustier H&M trend, belt Zara, bracelet COS, pants Zara.

I honestly can not remember the last time I wore a belt. Even though I like functional dressing, belts never seem to be on my radar. Aside from the fact that I didn't need them (I often wear skirts and my jeans are too tight to breath anyway) I simply never found a belt that I found aesthetically pleasing. While shopping for a photo shoot I came across this belt in the sale section. At the time I only bought it because it suited the concept of the shoot perfectly and until today it was hanging in my styling closet. As we all know, I'm not afraid to repeat an outfit so I simply wore my favorite top and loose pants combined with the belt. I honestly felt like I was wearing something completely new and I think that it is exactly the beauty of minimalism. Finding simplicity.