Time passes

Wearing Zara dress, COS bracelet

We should never take for granted what we have. We are able to live our dreams and enjoy the little things in life. Nothing comes easy but we are able to see the world and we simply should never forget how precious it is that we are here.

The bodysuit


Every once in a while you find a garment that you simply can't resist buying twice, in this case in black and white. A bodysuit is such a classic item and for me, it's the perfect basic for summer. I wear it with anything, a pencil skirt, pair of wide trousers, jeans and shorts. If the fabric was suitable for the beach I would wear it as a bathing suit as well. What are your favorite items for summer?



Summer is finally approaching. A season when fabrics are softer and lighter, styles are looser and in general dressing becomes much easier. However, when it comes to my summer essentials - aside from simple shirts and skirts - I wear a lot of form fitting garments. Especially this year, where I somehow feel the need to accentuate femininity like I did years before.

Abstract forms


It has been a bit quiet around here, those who follow me on instagram know that the past few weeks I have been very busy with graduating, moving and taking care of my mother who recently got surgery. I happily graduated last week and moved into our first apartment the next day. My mother is doing better and I'm slowly getting back to a regular routine. Over the years I have build a reputation of shoe hoarder, especially of shoes that most people consider to be far from regular. It started around the age of 15, despite my length I wanted to wear heels and bought my first pair of pumps of approximately 12cm. Years later after finding my unique signature, I have become very selective when it comes to my shoes. There are a few things I look for in shoes, they should be timeless but also have something unique. Comfort.. Well most of the times that is my least concern. If I'm attracted to a shoe nothing can stop me. Not even dead toes.

To choose

Wearing: Top and skirt by my mum

As my graduation is approaching I have been thinking constantly of my future. In the second year of my study I finally knew what I really wanted and since then I have been working hard to improve my skills to get to where I want to be. Over the years I have analyzed my vision and crafted into a strong signature. Ever since I have been holding on to this, as I believe that a vision should be cherished and stimulated at all times. And yes there are times that I doubt myself and even sabotage situations out of fear for something new. Nevertheless I learn from every situation and with this knowledge (that we often stand in our own way to success) I believe I can go further. Building up a career is never easy, especially in the fashion industry where you have to invest a lot of time and money before you can live of what you love to do the most. However, I couldn't see myself doing anything else than what I do now, working as a stylist gives me great satisfaction and I will do everything to accomplish my goals. My vision, my story will be told.


Wearing: Zara top, Maison Martin Margiela pants

After spending every day in the studio this week and writing my thesis I finally have some more time on my hands to do other things. This weekend we will try to do as much as possible in our new home hoping to move in somewhere next week. What are you plans for the weekend?

Vivid dreams

fashionnerdic Fashionnerdicarchitecture Fashionnerdicarchi
Photos by me and my mum

This past week has been very busy but so good. As mentioned before I'm currently graduating but we were also looking for a house together, we found the perfect appartement and received our keys yesterday. It was such a beautiful moment, one of the happiest days of my life. I'm beyond excited to start our live together. Now we have to find the time in our busy schedules to paint the walls, place the floor and decorate. As soon as we have moved in I will share our appartement here or on my instagram account. 

A journey


If you want to go places you should allow the mind to travel. As mentioned before finding new garments that appeal to my eyes hasn't been easy lately and since my wallet recently became emptier then ever (due to other priorities, will share news regarding this soon) I had to think of other options to create new looks. So me and my brilliant mother re-designed an old leather top of mine into something else, namely a cropped crossed top. I couldn't be happier with the result, it's the perfect top for days like these.

I have never been to fond of spending too much money on many garments, I rather invest into timeless pieces which will last me longer. Other then that from time to time I make something myself, most of the time with my mother. Not only do you save a lot of money by creating something yourself, you also have something unique. Tired of something you bought before? See if you can use the design or fabric to create something else, guarantee you will look differently against your existing wardrobe. 


Fashionnerdicarm Fashionnerdicarchitecture fashionnerdic
Photos by me and my mum

We all know that unlike years ago I hardly go shopping as much as I used too. I only invest in garments or accessories every once in a while. However lately I have been craving to buy some new items since I would like to feminize my current style again. Unfortunately I can not seem to find anything I like, which somehow always happens when I'm looking for something new. Just when I thought I had found something new, a white dress with open back, I realized that it was see through once the sun hits the fabric. Pretty embarrassing experience to say the least. I mean, I'm anything but ashamed of my body but I don't think it's very appropriate to walk on the street with my bum showing. I might take matter in my own hands again and make something nice for myself, a dress or skirt. Preferably in a non see through fabric.

The scent

Photo by me

We all have that one scent we can not live without. After hoarding bottles of Chanel n°5 it felt time for something new. High on my wishlist is the Lazy Sunday Morning by Maison Martin Margiela but for now I was looking for something more affordable. I stumbled upon the Jil Sander sun fragrance and decided to give it a try. I instantly fell in love, it smells perfect as if summer and delicate flowers are stuffed into a bottle. Most importantly it lasts a bit longer then my previous signature scent but that may have to due with the fact that I have been wearing the Chanel fragrance for years now, my skin might have become immune to the smell. 

As I have been blogging for over three years now I would love to hear from my dearest readers what you would like to see more of differently. I hardly share themes like this, beauty nor other things I love and would love to know if it's something you are interested in. I always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.