Through time

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Is it just me or does time pass you by after your twenties? Maybe it's because we become aware of time as we all work towards our goals and dreams, maybe it's just the universe. It may also have to do with our generation, we all adjusted to the fast phase industry/world we live in that we expect everything to go as quickly as planned. Reality is, that some things take time, patience and discipline. After my graduation at the academy of arts, working as a freelance stylist sure doesn't come easy but I simply try to keep my goals in mind at all times. Nothing great comes easy. 

Open lines

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To be honest with yourself, you will have to explore places within that aren't always pleasant to reveal and experience. But each time you experience yourself in new ways, your self worth and love will grow and radiate around you.

The light

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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is succes.
Henry Ford


I think we women can all relate when I say that shopping off-season (during sale or in outlets) gives us a rush like nothing else. At least it does for me. Those who have known me for a while now know that I’m all about combining high street with high end and that I mostly shop on a budget. I have a few designer items hanging in my wardrobe but I’m as happy with those items as I am with clothing from high street brands. 

 There are various ways to find designer items (or high street) for a lower price and I recently come across the website of Dress For Less. On their website, which can be seen as an outlet store, they offer clothing, shoes and accessories from various brands for very affordable prices. Needless to say that you can order items from brands such as Fillipa K, Costume National and Moschino in the comforts of your own home. As they have a huge range of items and carry 350 labels, there is always something to find without having to search through a pile of clothing in a store. As I find quality and design very important when it comes to anything, I will admit that I’m not the easiest customer to please. But I easily found items that were up to my standards and the pricing was even better then imagined.


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It has been a while, I mostly have been active on Instagram as it's much quicker with a busy schedule. Lately I have been spending much of my time in the studio - most of you know that I work as a fashion stylist - and I couldn't be happier as it's something that enlightens my in such a beautiful way. However, I've missed releasing my thoughts and life lessons here. Even though I'm only 23 now, it seems like life goes quicker and gets better by the day. I can't explain and even comprehend how much I have learned in just the past year, I can honestly say it has been life changing. When I was younger I wasn't aware of my identity in the way I'm now and it seems that everyday I'm coming closer to reaching my higher self. Don't get me wrong, life is constantly involving and so will I but I believe that your identity only expands once you have found yourself.

New perspectives

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All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Finding within

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As exciting as it is, finding yourself and determining your journey isn't always easy. I'm a firm believer of positive growth, if you keep an open mind and find ways to improve yourself in positive ways, life will bring you bliss. However, not all will understand you or your growth which can lead in disappointments and broken relationships. Nevertheless, you will get many things (including new relationships) in return. Remember that you also define yourself by choosing the people around you.  If someone prevents you from growing its best to cut ties with that someone, even though its hard. Because, when you find yourself you will reach a certain happiness that you were never be able to reach if you surround yourself with the wrong people. You will radiate this new found happiness and attract people who have found themselves too. 

Raw hems

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Now that it's colder I wear pants and jeans more often which often makes me long for comfortable but tight looks. I have always liked accentuating my femininity and especially during the winter it makes me feel great (I'm not the type to walk around in big sweaters and such). Those who have been here for a while (and follow me on social media channels) know that I have been working out a lot more since last summer. I have experienced many changes in my health but also physically. I can honestly say that my body is looking it's best ever that I have been working out regularly. I even have to buy new pants and some other things because my waist and legs are more toned. I'm desperately looking for a new pair of white high waisted pants to replace this one for, since it became very loose. Hopefully Cheap Monday will release another pair of these upcoming season because I absolutely love their second skin jeans. I can't wait until spring, how about you?

Exceptional days

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Those who follow me on Instagram had already seen an snippet of this look, which I wore for a special accession during the weekend. Somehow this sale season, I managed to buy anything but winter proof items (aside from a pair of leather boots) but luckily I have plenty special accessions coming where I can wear those items. I had my eye on this dress for a while now, I loved the shapes and cuts and when I saw it for fifty procent off I simply couldn't resist. Whenever I find items that I love on sale I get extra excited, as if I start loving the item even more haha.

Winter layering

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As mentioned in my previous post, creating different looks with one item isn't that hard if you open your eyes for the possibilities. As winter is all about layering, I tend to search for creative solutions to maintain my style without freezing to bits. I use items for different purposes and no one ever seems to notice that I'm wearing the same item as the day before. Some might be tired of seeing this dress but I simply wanted to visualize how easy it is to recreate a look and feeling as if you are wearing a new item. Speaking of new, I recently purchased this long white scarf. When it comes to scarf I do not like little frills or other details, I like it plain and simple. Preferably in cashmere. I did find a black one in cashmere this season but since I couldn't find a white one and I do wear white often I decided to ignore the material for once. It's warm and exactly what I need right now.