Effortless lines

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Honestly, if I could think of a garment that I would love to wear all winter it would be a figure hugging knitted dress, preferably with a turtleneck. It would be amazing to simply step into a long dress of cashmere or wool, throw on a coat, scarf, gloves and boots and be ready to go. I recently stumbled upon this dress and even though it didn't fulfill my cashmere dreams, the lining, silhouette and thickness of the fabric were on point, so I simply couldn't resist buying it. Hopefully I will find dresses similar to this in wool and in black but if not, I might consider making a few myself.

Long lines

Wearing: Turtleneck Zara, Bag COS, Pants Zara

While winter may not be my favorite season, I love mornings when the sun comes out when it's cold and we are wrapped into our cozy jumpers. I might wear a bit more black this seasons, simply because it's more convenient. People often wonder which color I love most. To be honest, if I had to choose I would go for white. White has such a fresh vibe and I always feel vibrant when wearing it. Black on the other hand is mysterious - anonymous. When I'm wearing black I feel empowered, fierce and sexy. These, among other reasons gravitated me towards these colors. 

To appreciate

Wearing: Jumper Zara, Belt Zara, Skirt Zara.

Just like anything in life, we often forget what we do have and always strive for more. Which isn't always necessarily a bad thing, striving for more in life could mean you want to grow for better. I bet anyone could relate to this, whenever a new seasons starts, we all feel the need to buy new items which suit that season. Even though I invest in timeless garments that will last me longer than one season, before winter I always feel the urge to buy new items (and I never find anything). However, when I can not find new items I always get more creative when it comes to styling. I start creating new looks by wearing garments backwards, by layering and more. This jumper is my go-to garment when it starts to get colder and this time I combined it with a big belt and a skirt worn backwards, creating a front split. 

Black silhouettes

Wearing: Jumper Zara, Skirt H&M

It seems like history will repeats itself, again I have troubles finding suitable winter garments in white (and even in black). I'm not the easiest person to please, but I will always place quality and design over anything. I remember like it was yesterday, I read a quote by Yohji Yamamoto about two years ago (this was around the time when my style drastically changed) and ever since that moment, that sentence has stuck by me. "Fashion sighs after trends. I want timeless elegance. Fashion has no time. I do. I say: Hello Lady, how can I help you? Fashion has no time to even ask such a question, because it is constantly concerned with finding out: What will come next? It is more about helping women to suffer less, to attain more freedom and independence."

Eyes closed

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Photos by me and my mum

It's easy to blame others or situations if you don't succeed and keep your eyes shut from the truth. Truth is, there is only one person responsible for your path and that is you. If you give your everything, always strive to be better and work hard everything will come together one day.

New silhouettes

Wearing: Necklace COS, Dress as top Zara, Bracelet COS, Pants Zara.

As anyone else, I like to look for new silhouettes/styles for time to time. If there is anything I have no doubts about, it's my personal style. However, that doesn't mean that I stopped reinventing my style every season. Since last summer, I tend to go for very feminine silhouettes, accentuating my favorite body parts. Before that I was more into unisex silhouettes, which didn't always accentuate my femininity. These two might come together coming season, as there will be more layers involved..  


Wearing: Top Zara, Bracelet COS, Pants Zara

Even though I wear skirts more then pants on a regular basis, I love me some men's tailoring from time to time. Can you imagine the times where it wasn't common to wear clothing from or similar to the opposite sex? I grew up in a very accepting family and therefore I hardly question anybody's identity as woman, man, gay or straight. Personally, I still can not wrap my head around the idea that we are so fixated on differentiate the sex. We are all human, isn't that all that matters? I remember reading an article on the A/W13 collection of J.W. Anderson. Apparently it caused many violent reactions. Despite the reactions, his collection appeared in the Daily Mail as London's more imaginative menswear show. Anderson has never shown much interest in the gulf between menswear and womenswear, he launched as a menswear brand, women buying his clothes led Anderson to venture into womenswear in 2010. Those who champion his work tend to use adjectives such as androgynous or gender-bending, neither of which accurately convey the neutrality of Anderson's approach to gender. Like Anderson, there are many others who fade the boundaries between men and women and I'm thankful for this each day. Hopefully, one day, this and many other topics, wouldn't be an issue anymore and we will simply accept each other for who we are. 

Behind the lines

Wearing: Top Zara, Bracelet COS, Belt Zara, Pants Zara

We can all walk a path that leads to a regular but happy life. Those who choose to walk across or beyond those lines go for the extraordinary. Thinking something does not make it come true. Wanting something does not make it real. We are all destined for greatness, in our own way, and we all have to find our lines to cross to achieve what we want out of life.


Wearing: Turtleneck Zara, Skirt Zara

Now that fall has arrived we can all bundle up in cozy sweaters and scarfs. Personally, I prefer turtlenecks over scarfs but I might change my mind this season since I have seen a beautiful cashmere scarf that I might buy. As mentioned in previous post, my look this season is all about sweaters and skirts. I have some sweaters from last season but for some reason I can not find anything new I like, not in stores or online. I'm probably not the only one who has this problem, when you are looking for something specific, you never seem to find it. I went shopping for winter garments and came back with a dress instead (someone should have stopped me). Am I the only one who does that? The search continues.. 

Approaching fall

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Wearing: Jumper Zara, Top Zara, Bracelet and necklace COS, Jeans Weekday

Now that we officially said goodbye to summer, it's time to prepare for fall. October has had beautiful days where I was lucky enough to take off my sweater and wrap it around my waist to feel the glowing sun on my skin. Nevertheless, preparation for fall is still going and aside from a new wool coat I'm still on the hunt for a few sweaters. But for some reason I simply can not find what I'm looking for. When I find something I like design wise, the quality is poor or the other way around. This season I'm going for the CelinĂ©-esque look. Mid-length skirts and cozy sweaters/coats. As I have been embracing my femininity throughout the summer, I'm definitely planning to continuing this during fall and winter.