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I have been somewhat secretly growing my hair for over a year now (ever since I went back to my own natural hair color) and have never shown my hair out of a bun online before. So here it is, my hair in it's natural habitat. Those who have seen photos from my earlier days of blogging might recognize the hairstyle a bit but I usually straighten my hair at that time. This here, is all me. Natural waves and curls. I always have to get used to loose hair but I always get so many positive reactions and demands that I should wear it like this all the time. The only reason I went back to my natural hair color was to let it grow so that I could get a blonde long bob later. I'm almost to my desired length and seriously can't wait until I'm back to blonde hair. Life is too short to have boring hair. 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. So pretty! Beautiful silhouette and I love your hair.

  2. You look great with your curls. I remember your old outfits but in fact don't remember the curls. :)

  3. Your photography is still the best! love seeing what you've done to the blog through out the years!!!


  4. the curly wavy hair versus the linear details of your outfit. amazing contrast!

    you're a doll
    love ya


  5. I just came across you blog and let me tell you, you have an incredible sense of style, every outfits you wear are so chic! love it!

    Maë -


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