Winter layering

Wearing: Jumper Zara, Knitted dress worn as skirt H&M, Scarf Zara, Bracelet COS and Earrings the Boyscouts

As mentioned in my previous post, creating different looks with one item isn't that hard if you open your eyes for the possibilities. As winter is all about layering, I tend to search for creative solutions to maintain my style without freezing to bits. I use items for different purposes and no one ever seems to notice that I'm wearing the same item as the day before. Some might be tired of seeing this dress but I simply wanted to visualize how easy it is to recreate a look and feeling as if you are wearing a new item. Speaking of new, I recently purchased this long white scarf. When it comes to scarf I do not like little frills or other details, I like it plain and simple. Preferably in cashmere. I did find a black one in cashmere this season but since I couldn't find a white one and I do wear white often I decided to ignore the material for once. It's warm and exactly what I need right now.   

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  1. White layering looks so beautiful!
    Merry Christmas - I hope you have an amazing one!

  2. I missed visiting and commenting on your blog! :) Looking amazing as always.


  3. Gorgeous!


  4. Wonderful picture!

  5. love your pics and looks!

  6. I nominated you for the #VersatileBloggerAward check the post out here

    Hope you participate!

  7. This photo is amazing, I love how the white clothes communicates with the white clouds in the background.


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