Contouring lines

Photo by my mum

I have always been fascinated by garments that aren't made out of regular cuts. Wether it's a diagonal cut on the inside of the garment or an asymmetrical cut on the outside, it always gravitates me to the design. Again, I may have repeated this over and over again but minimalism goes beyond simple forms. Minimalism originated in the early 60s by artists in the United States and Europe (The Netherlands and Germany) whom began working on a new artistic vision in which they concentrated on the basic elements, such as color, size, scale, shape and position. Some were driven by mathematics but they all strove for pure objectivity, in which all non-essential elements were removed to emphasize the outer qualities of the work. There are several influences that can be applied in minimalism. Perhaps the most striking is the similarity in architecture, some also say that minimalism is architecture in miniature. This, among others things is what gravitates me towards minimalistic design. It's timeless and functional.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this clean minimalistic look! looks great

  2. love the all white with the blue sky

  3. Your photos are alwasy so artistic and beautiful!

    \ Indigo Lights

  4. I really get your point! I'm a minimalism fan myself haha

    X -

  5. Great photo. Your mum took a good shot.

  6. Love the all white! The outfit fits perfectly!


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