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Photo by Dajanara Josura

Until a few days ago we all thought we had to transition into fall a lot sooner then expected. Luckily September started better then ever and now we can take advantage of the last summer days. Still we are all preparing for fall and as a vivid lover of summer, I know it is never easy. As soon as fall hits I miss the sun glowing on my skin and leaving the house in skirts without tights. Because I know that I'm definitely not the only one who has difficulties to transition into fall I thought it would be a great idea to what works for me. First things first, when summer is over I always go through my wardrobe, all items that aren't suitable for the new season I will temporarily remove from my closet. This will give you an overview of the items you own and could wear for the new season. After I will go through things that inspire me, which can be anything from magazines to music and more. By looking into my sources of inspiration I can visualize how I want to transition into a new season. As a stylist I'm obviously up to date when it comes to the latest trends and shows but these usually do not effect my personal style much. Sometimes it is even more inspiring to look back in time. After I will create a list of items that I do not own yet and will wear after the new season as well. I find it very important to invest in items that are timeless, season after season. This might be the main reason why I do not pay much attention to trends when it comes to my personal style. Aside from a list of items I would like to purchase I also think of items I could design myself since high street brands do not always offer what I want. Once I feel completely ready for the new season I sometimes even look forward to different temperatures so I can wear my favorite new and existing items. Which reminds me, for all my Dutch readers who would like to hear more about how to prepare for the new season, make sure to check out RTL4 tomorrow during Koffie Tijd which airs at 10:00. There I will discuss upcoming trends and my favorite items for fall. 

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  1. How you manage to find these incredible structures during days of perfect blue skies over and over again is beyond me. But damn, is it worth it! Always such a huge fan of your stunning photos.

    I completely agree with you that we should all invest in not the 'trendy' pieces of the moment, but timeless garments that'll transition season after season.

  2. I will actually try and do what you wrote about, my closet is a mess, full of skirts shorts coats and croptops, so transitions aren't really 'transitions' to me, your organization inspired me to actually organize haahha.
    And as always, looking beautiful!


  3. Wonderful top!


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