Embracing the new

Wearing: Zara top and skirt

We are past the first week of September and I couldn't love this month more. It's the month where I get to enjoy the September issues of magazines, plan projects for next season and celebrate new collections with many others. As much as I love looking forward, reality is that we slowly have to transition to fall and as mentioned in my previous post I always reinvent items from last season into the new season. Luckily the weather has been fine lately, a slight summer breeze and lower temperatures, perfect to pair long sleeved tops with skirts. Today I wore one of my favorite shirts from last season, to me it has this Celiné-esque vibe and to others it may look like a straitjacket. But again, the most important thing when it comes to personal style is that you feel comfortable in all the things you wear. You should wear what you like and like what you wear.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I really adore your style and how it's evolved. And the brilliant photography that goes with each post, clean and well thought out xx

  2. perfect minimal look


  3. Stunning, as per usual! xx


  4. youre like the cloud in the sky.. forgive my poetic vibe. love this a lot

  5. Love the way the red lipstick pops out of the white outfit!



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