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Photos by me and my mum

I can't believe that it is over two years now since my style has radically changed. Many have asked me what influenced this change, I became interested in minimalism and realized that I felt many connections with designers/artists who specialize in this field. I reduced my closet from three to one and got rid of all the trend driven items I had bought over the years. I replaced these items with timeless pieces and I haven't changed a thing since then. When I first started to gravitate towards minimalism I was mostly inspired by designers who explored minimalism in shapes, in a way that wasn't restricted to the usual categories of gender. Before my transition into minimalism my style was very feminine and as time progressed I started to return to femininity but then within minimalism. Nowadays I prefer accentuating my femininity especially now that I'm working out more regularly. Funny thing is that people think that once you commit to a specific style you will basically look the same year after year. Fact is, you are much more aware of what defines your style and simply play around that concept. 

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  1. I know what you mean, my style has evolved so much and it's going to continue evolving. I love looking back on how I used to dress and seeing how I've changed!

  2. I love this.

  3. yes.. change is good... love how your perspective elevated ... i'm kinda in the same phase too

  4. You look so fit and amazing! By the way, i'm curious at how you used to look before your style changed! :)


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