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Whenever someone visits my home one of the first things they ask is if they could see my closet. Funny thing is everyone seems to be so surprised when I show them what I own, which is one closet who I share with my man. Fact is, he has more clothes then I do. The next thing people wonder and often ask is how I can look so different on a day to day basis. Truth is (I have been living by this for years) reinvention is key. I invest in garments and accessories that are timeless and versatile. Since I often get the question how to recognize or select these pieces I thought I would share my tips here. Obviously the first thing that gravitates me towards a garment is the cut and style. However this doesn't mean I'm immediately sold. One of the main things I value when it comes to clothing is material. I rather not buy something that will fall apart after a few months. There are many materials when it comes to design and when it comes to my wardrobe I often buy clothing in materials such as cotton, wool, silk and leather. I will dedicate a separate post on materials soon. Aside from the materials I also pay attention to craftsmanship. How are the seams, zippers and buttons. This is also very important when it comes to buying new things. Last but not least I ask myself if I would wear this garment years from now and if the design is timeless. Color plays a role in this too even though I only buy things in black and white, there are many different shades when it comes to these colors. For example I hardly buy anything that isn't crispy white especially because sometimes whites can fade a bit. Some thing goes for accessories, I hardly buy jewelry in high street stores since they discolor and leave my skin with green spots. Rather I look for things that are delicate and in sterling silver such as this necklace I recently got. It's a perfect adjustment to my exciting collection, the bracelet I bought last season can still be found around my wrist daily.

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  1. i am acidic too. i dont accessorize too much. i love your vision. i hope to see more big things for you. xoxo


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