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Photos by Dajanara Josura

As you all may know, I have always mentioned that basics are the base of a timeless wardrobe. Recently I bought some new basics, among them a ribbed tank top with low back which immediately reminded me of my love for the '90s. Many women ask me how to combine basic items without feeling like a plain jane. What works for me, aside from attention to detail by delicate jewelry or special fabrics, is accentuating my femininity. As far as I can remember I have always worn high waisted jeans/skirts, basically almost everything I own is high waisted. What I find most intriguing about high waisted garments are the points where they accentuate the body. They slim the waist and accentuate the hips and behind. Especially in combination with a pair of heels. Aside from that they are very comfortable. Again, when you are working with bascis look for things that intrigue you, this can vary from fabrics to finishing or color. Also search for garments that make you feel good about yourself and your body. Once you find the garments that work for your figure you will automatically feel special. If you are going somewhere special or you simply want to feel a bit more dressed up, combine these basics with your favorite statement pieces.

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  1. These images are so striking - I'm in photography awe!

    For me, I like to wear basics with a little detail that makes them special. I love that you wear them to accentuate your femininity - not something I've looked at consciously before!

  2. i agree. i always read zen habits and it changed my perspective slowly.. i love your mantra. keep it up.

  3. So obsessed with the white-out look right now

    Joana x

  4. great look!


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