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Wearing: Top and skirt by my mum

As my graduation is approaching I have been thinking constantly of my future. In the second year of my study I finally knew what I really wanted and since then I have been working hard to improve my skills to get to where I want to be. Over the years I have analyzed my vision and crafted into a strong signature. Ever since I have been holding on to this, as I believe that a vision should be cherished and stimulated at all times. And yes there are times that I doubt myself and even sabotage situations out of fear for something new. Nevertheless I learn from every situation and with this knowledge (that we often stand in our own way to success) I believe I can go further. Building up a career is never easy, especially in the fashion industry where you have to invest a lot of time and money before you can live of what you love to do the most. However, I couldn't see myself doing anything else than what I do now, working as a stylist gives me great satisfaction and I will do everything to accomplish my goals. My vision, my story will be told.

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  1. Love the top!
    Never give up on your dreams.


  2. love the top

  3. Flawless!

  4. The majority of people aren't sucessful because they quit ....don't quit that's the key to sucess <3

    Love your blog and I hope you keep continue doing what you love


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