Withstanding time

Wearing Zara dress COS bracelet

These past few weeks I have been gravitating more and more towards white again. It might have to do with spring but mostly because I feel a lot fresher in white then in black. Black has become more convenient for on a regular basis, aside from the fact that it's weather and stain proof. Nevertheless both colors still intrigue me and will probably still do a long time from now. I remember the time were I wore an explosion of colors everyday, I sometimes spent hours looking in my wardrobe and combining everything with anything. Nowadays I hardly have to look, I know what I have and what works. By trying to combine them differently from time to time I feel 'new' every time. 

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Like a goddess...


  2. Love the look.

  3. Adore this dress
    Love the photo

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  4. this is stunning, such a great photo x

  5. It's weird how I don't really think of wearing anything but white and black these days either. I used to wear so much color.


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