Clear vision

All photos by my mum and me.

I remember the time where I didn't have a clear vision of who I was and what I wanted to accomplish in life. I guess its a phase we all go through when young. Now that I have found myself and my dreams, I put all my energy in trying to accomplishing that. I'm a firm believer that by treating your body healthy, your mind stays healthy as well. My mother taught me well and always provided healthy meals. Aside from that when I was younger I was quite active, I always did some kind of sport. I have done gymnastics, belly dancing, swimming and a dutch sport called 'korfbal'. On the age of 13 I wasn't able to continue sports and ever since I haven't really done much sports. I have had a few gym memberships but stopped going as soon as it started to get cold. Recently I started working out again and it has had a huge impact on my body and mind. I feel a lot more energized and sexy. I work out at home and convinced my mother and father to try working out as well. They will do their first work out tomorrow and I'm already laughing my ass of only by thinking of it.

Aside from a work out routine I also try to schedule my days more. Its amazing how much you can do in a day if you plan ahead. Hopefully this will help me a lot in the future since I strive to become a successful stylist. This may be the main reason that the blog hasn't been updated as regularly as in the past. Those who follow me on instagram (there I update on a daily basis) have noticed that I'm spending a lot more time in the studio and on location working on shoots. Creating gives me an incredible feeling which I would like to hold on to forever. This also applies to my blog, it gives me a feeling of freedom, which I would also like to hold on. From now on I will try to plan in blogging in my schedule as well, in the meanwhile you can find my updates on instagram (username Ilankaverhoeven).

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