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One could learn something about themselves every single day. There have been many moments this past few months where I had to rethink everything. From the choices I made and will make in the future to my ambitions and goals. I'm very happy with my life and the experiences I gained over the years but I will always remain curious to grow and learn more. 

The smallest changes can have more impact then one realizes. I could never imagine that by getting up early in the morning, I would feel much more relax and happy. I have mentioned many times that I love sleeping (this might come as an understatement) especially when fall/winter arrives. I dislike winter like it is my worst enemy and would skip it anytime if I could. Last year things went a bit downhill and I would spent many hours in bed and feeling dispirited. Eventually I visited the doctor who gave me a list with things I could do to cope with feeling this way during the winter. Among them were exercising and creating a routine by starting your day early. At that time I didn't want to miss time sleeping so I took up on exercising more regularly. I felt better physically and the winter went by. While december and january have been treating us kindly by avoiding the ice cold weather we usually have, I decided I did not want to feel dispirited again. So I took upon the challenge to start a routine which involves getting up early in the morning. Funny thing is that now I feel a lot energetic and happy. Inspired to work longer and make something out of my day. Change isn't always easy and may seem scary sometimes but if you distance yourself from opportunities you will never grow. 

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  1. Always fantastic !!!;)


  2. I agree with you .. the hardest moment I think of change it starts the moment you change, the act. But, sometimes, it's necessary.

  3. It's great that you are feeling better. beautiful photo too


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