Finding lines

 Photos by me and my mum

Winter has hit the Netherlands and despite my active life I'm trying to find any excuse to not have to leave the house (this includes convincing others that there are aliens on their way). I have mostly been busy with school and shoots these past few days and I'm loving it (this does not include the school part).

Aside from that my boyfriend and I have decided to take the next step in our relationship, we will be living together around the summer. We are beyond excited and started looking for houses already. It won't be an easy task to find the perfect place since we are both, well let's say not easy but I'm positive we will find something eventually.

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  1. Love the first shot!*
    Good luck with finding a house!*
    I'll be looking forward to interior design posts!*

    New Blogpost -

  2. Gorgeous photos! So pure and clean.

  3. Amazing shots! Congratulations on your next step in you guys' relationship. All the best. :)

  4. Gorgeous pics!

  5. Beautiful photos!
    Love the jacket.


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