In between

Wearing: Skirt H&M, Shoes Zara.

I have mentioned my troubles of finding a pair of shoes several times now. Low heels season is definitely not up my alley and any other option were above my budget. I even considered buying a pair of Alexander Wang's but unfortunately I wouldn't have enough money left to buy food and we all know how hungry girls function (not). I eventually ended up with a pair of boots with a high chunky heel and point. I had seen them before but disliked the elastic band (looks cheap in my eyes) but it was this or no food. Even though it is some sort of 'temporary solution' until I  ever encounter the perfect shoe, I'm still happy I got them. They look good and are very comfortable. To be continued.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. great shoes

  2. ik vind ze er mooi uit zien, ik denk dat als de rest van je outfit er goed uit ziet die elastiekenband helemaal niet stoort!


  3. Mooi! En mooi gefotografeerd ook!

    Ik heb laatst ook 'tijdelijke' goedkope schoenen gekocht, maar ik heb er spijt van. A waste.. Maar lang niet zo mooi als deze hoor!

    x Linda


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