Adding fuel to the fiery mystique

Maison Martin Margiela book, Pantone cup, DIY candle (tutorial found on tumblr)

This book might not be new to some of you but it is a new one in my book collection. Published in 2009 by Rizzoli, the self-titled book gives a rare insight behind Martin Margiela who is widely known for his anonymity. The book features hundreds of images pulled from his personal archives and written essays by Jean Paul Gaultier and Vanessa Beecroft. The book, wrapped in white cotton is a must have for anyone who loves the subversive beauty Martin Margiela presented.

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  1. Love this picture! And I don't know if it's my tutorial on Tumblr, but this candle looks a lot like my DIY :)


    1. It does! I think it was a tutorial inspired by yours, they adviced to use other tools/materials. I will try to find the link for you! Love the candles! X

  2. great picture!


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