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Wearing: Top Zara, Leather jacket Zara/DIY (old)

Regularly I talk about investing into good quality materials/garments. Somewhere in the summer I splurged on a white leather jacket. But unfortunately after some time it completely turned yellow. I knew that white leather tends to turn yellow sometimes but I have plenty other things that are still white. I was pretty disappointed since I expected better quality for the price I payed.
Price does not guarantee quality. I think I have discussed this topic before for example on the T by Alexander Wang shirts. 

When I started wearing white a few years ago there were no white garments to be found in stores so I always had a few tricks up my sleeve. I either sew my own garments or repainted existing garments.
A yellow leather jacket wouldn't stop me from forcing cans of white paint up on it. However this time it took some other methods to recreate the leather jacket. Since many requested on sharing my secret I will explain how I paint leather garments.

The most important rule when it comes to painted leather garments is to always use paint especially for leather. You can find these spray cans at your shoemaker. Secondly always clean leather before painting it you can also find a can of that at your shoemaker.
Dyeing leather will look at it's best if you do this in two or three stages. Since there are different types of leather all will react differently to the paint. Some will become very stiff other will make the paint crack. Dyeing leather will always carry some sort of risk since you can never really guess what will happen. When it comes to the leather jacket I painted at first I did not even change color since the leather would suck in the paint. After a coat of shoe polish the paint finally did it's job. One of the mistakes I made was to use regular paint for the last layer since I had already spent somewhere around 35 euros on paint. Once I wore the garment the paint started to crack creating this Margiela look. Even though I'm fascinated by this effect it isn't timeless and I'm afraid all the paint will be gone after a while.
If you are not to fond about the Margiela look I would advice you to stick to the leather paint. It is quite expensive since the cans do not contain a lot of paint (maybe 50ml) and costs around 10-15 euros.
I had used four cans before I decided to buy one big can of regular paint.

Hopefully will be helpful for some of you. If there are any other questions I did not answer or you still have, please leave them at the comment sections below or on my instagram account Fashionnerdic.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. great jacket, when it was white! nice article!


  3. You've made it look aboustely amazing!

  4. Yay. Ik heb hetzelfde jasje, dat inderdaad al geel is. Gelukkig heb ik 'm in de uitverkoop aangeschaft, want als ik er de volle pond voor had betaald zou ik waarschijnlijk furieus over de slechte kwaliteit zijn. Ben dan ook heel blij met deze tips en ga eens rondneuzen bij mijn schoenenmaker! :)


  5. Well, it does look fantastic anyway. I have dyed leather and suede shoes three times but never a whole jacket. You are absolutely right. Proper dye is very expensive... Cheaper than a new one though or giving it out to professionals to do it.

    Great job dear :)

  6. owning leather pcs is high maintenance too.. i al;ways keep a good spray of anti mold just to preserve its condition.. =)

  7. thank you for this post! I have the same leather jacket and it also turned yellow... I'm going to paint it:)


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