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The search for the perfect shoes for fall/winter began about three weeks ago. I have looked everywhere from online to the stores but the low heel trend makes it pretty hard to succeed. It sure does not help that I'm very picky when it comes to shoes (or anything really). While running some errands yesterday I stumbled upon these. They immediately reminded me of the gods of black (such as Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens) and I thought the search was over.
However when I picked the shoes up and placed my hand around the fabric I knew the shoes couldn't be leather. I find materials very important and rather invest in garments that are a bit more expensive but will survive years. Nevertheless I decided to try them on and from that moment everything went wrong. I ignored the open toe, the non leather and price and walked to the register. Now that I'm home and looking at the perfect heel/shoe design I'm heavily doubting whether I should keep them or not. To be continued.

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  1. Their design is indeed fabulous, but I understand your second thoughts. I still haven't matured the way you have and since quality is not that affordable, somehow I end up making mistakes many times...

    They're killer, would love to see you wear them, though! ;)

    kiss kiss, Nádia
    My Fashion Insider

  2. I feel you. In the last few years Zara got really good in copying the biggest trends and forecasting what we want before we even know that we want it. The thing is they offer these items waaay overpriced, because they know that we, fashion addicts will pay more just to get that one perfect piece.

    If it's any help: I bought a pair of non-leather shoes last spring (2012 spring) and they are still in very good condition even though I wear them quite often and I am also not very careful with my shoes

    Hope you manage to come to a decision that is best for you! ;)


  3. Well, they look great in the photo. That is what they do perfect those giants like Zara and H&M but wen it comes to wearing...
    I loved when you described Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens as Gods of black! They are like fashion Gods to me too who am a true black lover!


    PS. Don't wear cheap shoes dear, anything else but not shoes!

  4. I think they look great with some outfits, but the open toe is really not the best idea for winter! :D

  5. It sounds like you don't 100% love the shoes. In my experience, when a garment doesn't 100% match my specifications, I won't wear it much and won't get my money's worth. I think you should return them and look for similar shoes made from leather, which will be much nicer on your feet and last for longer. Plus the open toe might be too cold for winter! x

  6. I think it`s better to bring them back to the store.
    You probably won't wear them a lot, because the material will keep on
    bothering you. Especially when you wear them with a very nice outfit.


  7. They're beautiful + cruelty free, I'd say keep them! Faux leather is not always a bad thing.


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