Wearing: Cheap Monday sunglasses, Zara top, Cheap Monday second skin jeans.

I remember the times were I did not own one pair of jeans and wore skirts and dresses all seasons.
Not only did I not own a pair, I also refused wearing jeans for almost two years.
Somehow, at that time I saw jeans as a too basic and plain garment.
Gosh, I don't know what I was thinking then but I can not imagine my wardrobe now without a good pair of jeans.
It is easy to combine, figure hugging and most importantly it always looks good.
Perfect for days like these, were in the past I always had freezing legs despite thick tights and now have a comfortable option to choose from.

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  1. Great shot! this hair color suits you well

  2. You look very pretty.
    Love your new hair color.


  3. is that top from new collection? it's fantastic!

  4. that best balance of black and white

  5. I totally agree! You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans. Amazing picture!

  6. when did you buy that top ??? it's fantastic!

    1. Bought it this season, it got sold out quite quickly here.
      Hope you find it! X

  7. Those sunglasses are rad! I'm in love with your blog, you inspired my next outfit :D

  8. Wow, I didn't come to your blog for some time, Ilanka (even though your blog is one of my favorites!), and I hadn't seen your hair like this! That color looks RAD on you! <3

    I remember you from those times, I loved how you were always mixing pieces, colors, patterns... But I think this aesthetic suits you much more and, like you've explained many times, is more accordingly with who you are and your fashion convictions.

    As for jeans, I am with you on that one! I was always wearing skirts and shorts, refusing to own a pair of jeans, I too found them boooooring! I've changed too! I started loving jeans again!

    Keep up with your awesome work, your outfits and scenarios are always so amazing! <3

    (Btw, I'm portuguese, so were kind of related hahaha :D)

    kiss kiss, Nádia
    My Fashion Insider

  9. Speaking of perfect basic garments: die zonnebril is fantastisch! Is het toevallig deze? De glazen lijken niet zo donker als op jouw foto... Alvast bedankt!

    1. Hi Paulien, nee dat is hem niet. Ik heb hem gekocht via Zalando:

    2. Bedankt voor je antwoord! :)


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