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Shoes Zara/DIY

Those who follow me on instagram might have seen this shoes come by before but yesterday I had this urge to remove the t-strap and so I did.
I honestly have to say that I think they look so much better now since the t-strap never sat straight once on.
Do you ever have these impulsive decisions when it comes to adjusting garments/shoes anything?

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  1. ALL THE TIME! And what surprises me the most is how good the outcome usually is! The little spontaneous change always makes such good difference!
    And yes, these shoes definitely look a lot better without the strap! Awesome job, Ilanka!

  2. Zo zijn ze super mooi:) Ik heb dat ook vaak, dat ik iets verander aan een kledingstuk en ineens draag ik het dan weer:)
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