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Leather top DIY

There might be a few of you who have seen this already via instagram or facebook but since a week or so I'm no longer blonde.
After two years of beating it to death, it was time for something new and healthy.
Time for a new era by letting my hair grow 
And what better moment for a new hair color then at the end of summer?
Change can be scary at times but even though progress is good, change is it's motivator.

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  1. Love it! The new hair is a killer

  2. I LOVE how you look with dark hair, I've always did!
    Can't wait to see you with longer hair, changes are always good, even more if you feel you need it. I use to cut it, you let it grow :)

    - Laura

  3. Love it girl!
    Change, to grow and to stay the same!
    With love,


  4. Stays stunning!

  5. Your photography is outstanding! I guess I've seen you on :)! You are really amazing and I'm in love with your fashion sense!

    I guess you might like my blog since it deals with high fashion and edgy clothes, such as your style :)

  6. You're pictures are amazing!

  7. Your pictures are amazing!

  8. Great post!
    Great styling!

    I invite you to me:

  9. You look amaizing! Your blog is really great. Maybe you’re interested in following each other? I would love it. Just let me know in a comment on my blog


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