Monochrome summer

Wearing: Sunglasses Cheap Monday, Leather top DIY.

The weather has been very confusing today, it started with tons of rain and a thunderstorm while being humid and after a while treating us with rays of sunlight.
Left the house in my favorite leather top and a pair of high waisted jeans which was obviously not a good idea since I was sweating my ass off (luckily I changed my mind since I wanted to leave in my winter coat).
After a healthy lunch, I ran home to change into a skirt which I wanted to picture in this shot but it didn't really go as planned.
More things didn't go as planned this week, such as my eyebrow treatment, I told the girl twice before she got started that I didn't want my eyebrows to be too thin but I think she was either blind or deaf (or both) since she plucked half of my eyebrows of my face.
Guess I will be wearing my sunglasses a lot the coming weeks.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful photo! Loving the sunglasses as well.

  2. Wow amazing pic! Love the sunglasses!

  3. wauw love the sunglasses!

    xo' M

  4. You are like a walking magazine editorial!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  5. those sunnies are pure perfection! <3



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