Wearing: Mango blazer, H&M necklace, H&M top, Zara Pants.

They say men in suits are irresistible but what about women in suits?
Do men think the same way we do?
Anyhow I have been looking for a white blazer for quite a while.
How I still had to paint most of my things white the past year this season I can walk in any store and find something white.
Which obviously doesn't mean it will have the same aesthetics I adore nor quality.
I hardly walk into Mango, but after finding my cropped top I saw this blazer hanging as well.
I often do not feel like going to the fitting room and since I liked the cut of the blazer and length I took it home.
Once I came home and tried it on I found it very unfortunate that once closed the fabric starts pulling (I want the blazer to be straight form fitted).
The search for the perfect blazer continues.

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  1. Did you try anything from Zara? I had a stiff white blazer from Zara once, but I gave it away since it's too small for me.

    P.S. You asked about what we liked to read next... so I was thinking you could share what do you wear at home, are you wearing strictly white?

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Yes but I did not like those either. Most of them are quite short as well. I prefer my blazer to be a bit longer.
      And I do not like too much shoulder.
      Haha I do not wear anything else at home, only when I wake up I wear a pink short bathrobe. But I won't bother my readers with publishing that haha.


  2. zo los zit ie in ieder geval wel heel mooi!

  3. Hey! You have some amazing pictures!!♥ what kind of camera do you use?

    Keep up the great job! :)

  4. Hey!
    I love the qualiy of youre pictures!!♥ what kind of camera do you use? Thnx...

    Keep up the great job!!

    1. Ah thank you dear. I use a Nikon D7000 with a 50mm or 28mm lens. X

  5. wonderful :)

  6. I wish i could find the perfect suit, but finding one that isnt ridiculously over priced is proving to be almost impossible -- but ill never give up hope. Lovely post , beautiful as always

  7. i'm also looking for a white blazer i tried one on at mango, i think it was the same one! but i wasn't very happy with the fitting. when you find the perfect one share!:)


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