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I seriously have been driving everyone around me crazy with my hunt for a new pair of (comfortable) shoes.
Most of you know that I work as a stylist and while everyone may think it is the most glamorous job of all it is anything but glamorous.
It involves a lot of running/walking and above all carrying.
Sometimes I have so much stuff that I'm hardly visible on the streets.
A year ago when I started I was stubborn and did this all on my heels but I quickly realized that it simply wouldn't work.
I eventually gave into a pair of Dr. Martens but for some reason I recently thought I needed a good pair of flat shoes that are comfortable.
However I'm more then difficult when it comes to shoes let alone flat shoes.
Since my walking heels are completely worn out I searched for a new pair.
I stumbled on to these but they have the lowest heel (or as I like to refer they are flat) I have ever owned.
I'm still doubting if it is something I have to get used to or if I want to hit someone with these shoes.
Will be continued.

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  1. I really love lower heels nowadays for the elegance they bring to an outfit, and I am slightly obsessed with pointed shoes!

  2. the heels are perfect. even more appealing in white rather than silver

  3. saw them in store but not sure about the heel.. now I am sorry for not buying

  4. I completely understand! It kinda annoys me however that as a stylist we can't wear heels! I love the idea of a comfortable pair! I spotted some on ASOS that I think I'll try out :)


  5. I'm completely in love with your shoes.

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