Rose gold necklace Weekday (old)

As expected when it comes to jewelry I like simple designs.
Every now and then I go for something big and anything but simple but overall I prefer my jewelry simple and industrial looking.
I hardly wear anything else than rose gold jewelry and this is one of my favorite pieces along with my rose gold rings.
I have little desire to buy more jewelry (besides finding rose gold pieces is pretty hard since they are quite rare) but I would love to find a square bracelet similar to my necklace.
If anyone has seen something like that feel free to share.
How about you, what kind of jewelry do you wear?

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  1. Beautiful post actually. Love all-white ♥

  2. What about the nose-thing-ting from Margiela? I think it would look great on you!

  3. I love that necklace!
    and the pictures are beautiful

  4. Like it so much!!


  5. how can something so simple be so perfect?

  6. a have a square bracelet from COS that is absolutely my favourite jewellery, but it's silver. it's this: :)

  7. I like simple and unique , but mostly I like to make my own jewelry. I am now into gold pieces which I never was before. I used to wear silver a lot. But now I am into gold and also I make my own leather pieces.


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