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Not so long ago someone asked me what a minimalist should have.
I'm not the one who follows the lists that dictates us what to wear and have (those times are behind me) but I definitely visualized which pieces I need (ok want) which will stay with me longer than a season.
I have talked about basics multiple times and I think it is more then logical to talk about fabrics now.
While I used to buy everything without even bother looking at the fabric(s) nowadays it is the first thing I do.
Even though I still have a thing or two to learn about fabrics I rather pay a little more for a piece that will last me longer than something that is less expensive.
However do keep in mind that a higher price does not stand for quality.
Some high street brands often present their pieces as 'wool' or 'leather' but once you turn it inside out you will find that it is a blend of different fabrics.
For instance I received a white angora jumper from my best friends which had a price tag of 100 euro's and since it was still so cold in the Netherlands I decided to buy a similar version at HM for 50 euro's which was an angora blend (the inside label described 70% wool and 30% polyamide).
Whenever I wear the HM version I leave hairs everywhere especially on people who wear black not to mention the jumper starts looking bad very quickly.
The same goes for jackets, since this year I bought my first wool coat and I could not be more satisfied with the quality.
One of the things I think everyone could enjoy are leather pieces.
Leather stays good for years and will often look better after a few years.
I have quite a few leather pieces hanging in my closet but I think the pieces pictured above are must haves in everybody's closet.
Wether it is in black or white or any other neutral color, a good leather jacket and bag are items that you can combine with anything and can wear on a daily basis.
When you live in the Netherlands you might have to improvise more since it is too damn cold 99% of the time, but wearing a leather jacket underneath another coat will do from time to time.

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  1. Goed geschreven; kwaliteit betaal je voor. Ik heb ook 1 mooi lederen jack, ben er zo blij mee... al had ie stiekem wel een maatje groter mogen zijn.
    Het witte jack op de foto is echt een plaatje! Love it!

  2. Great post, the angora jumper example got me thinking about the pieces I own.
    Although I'm not a minimalist by any means, I think your advice is valuable for all of us!


  3. great insight -- i always wonder if i could be strong enough to take the minimalist approach to my clothing. my style seems to be gravitating more towards that these days

    much love from NYC


  4. I am the same - I always look at the fabric content first, and try to buy things that are made out of natural fibres (wool, leather, cotton, silk etc). I just like the way that they feel when I wear them, plus they do seem to last longer. Sometimes I get tempted to buy a cheap, trend piece from Zara or the like, but I always regret it when the fabric starts to wear out after only a few washes. It really does pay to invest in better pieces.

  5. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,


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