Would you believe me if I said these wedges were black before?
Some of you might not know that I often paint my shoes.
Besides my Dr. Martens after I couldn't find the monochrome ones, I transformed these as well.
These still not the be defined here and there and a spray of top coat to protect them but other then that they will probably become my new everyday shoes. 
They are super comfortable and I will be definitely be needing that the next couple of months.

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  1. I know this Kurt Geiger wedge! A very lovely shoe! Love that you painted them in white! What spray / paint do you use? I have an old pair of ankle boots and they're a bit worn and I would like to paint them but I don't know how. They're black matte leather.

    1. I use leather paint spray I buy at the shoemaker. I have used regular paint before but that often comes with cracks or that it's too sticky and won't stay clean. I would definitely recommend to only use leather paint spray.

  2. I love the shot !! and the heels ;)

  3. love this, very chic!


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