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Shoes H&M Trend, Book unknown, Box Comme des Garcons

Not so long ago I wrote a piece about basics and while discussing the subject, I would like to continue on the things I have in mind for upcoming season.
As I wrote before, I now pay more attention to fabrics and rather invest in something more expensive then inexpensive which will rip apart after a few months.
A few things that are on my list I have already found and purchased such as these shoes but there are a few things I haven't found yet.
For instance the perfect tailored blazer in white, a basic shirt in thiner fabric then I already have and a leather bag.
I recently finally had time to visit some shops (it probably didn't go unnoticed that I haven't been able to update as regularly for those who missed the announcement on why see here) but didn't find anything close to these pieces or something else that appealed to me.
There are a few things that will change when it comes to my aesthetics but you will find out as soon as that has happend.
There is a time for everything.

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