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Change might seem dreadful sometimes but from change comes growth.
We all have things we would like to change and every now and then it will take some time.
Speaking of change, from this week on I will be starting a new chapter namely interning at Zoo magazine and L'officiel Hommes.
I have been looking forward to this ever since I got hired last year and I'm sure it will be a positive change.
Unfortunately this means that there will also be some changes on the blog when it comes to regular updates.
Nevertheless I will still be here, I hope you will too. 
You can also follow me on instagram (by the account name Fashionnerdic) or Facebook, I will update there regularly.
Change comes memories of the past and a few days ago while going trough my closet I rediscovered the leather vest and long blouse.
The leather vest will be perfect for spring and I will be looking for something similar when it comes to the blouse since I basically worn this one to pieces.
Funny thing is that I wore these pieces before (in november 2011) and it was actually the second time I wore a head to toe white look.
I never go through my archive because I find it horrible to look at my old pictures but it is fascinating to see that subconsciously I was wearing where I now feel complete with.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi zoals altijd.

  2. Congratulations on your new internship.

    Love Scrapbook

  3. Mooie deze totale H&M outfit!

  4. you're so stylish and cool. love how you're always so true to yourself! very inspirational :)

  5. congrats on your internship!

    those shoes = perfection <3

  6. love

  7. Gorgeous! Love your shoes

  8. Dear, you are still too daring and dazzling beyond words. Still as inspired by you as I was the first time! Those heels are a dream...

    Yeliz xx

  9. you are a white princess !!!


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