Shirt H&M Trend (old), Rings Weekday, Box Comme des Garcons, Book unknown.

I remember the times were I used to buy something new every other two weeks. 
In believe that because of the times we are in (with the financial crisis, global warming while techniques are involving by day and all that was out of our reach before is now available) people are more uncertain of what they want because there is so much to choose from.
I however am more certain about myself then ever and I'm glad I came to this point.
Instead of buying items that I will not wear in a few years I rather invest in pieces that are timeless.
I am much more aware of the things that I buy and try to pay more attention to fabrics even though these might come with a higher price tag.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik moet maar eens weer de Weekday bezoeken, de ringen zien er mooi uit!

  2. I´m so in love with your minimalistic style and photos! Great basics!


  3. I agree with you 100%. I find that keeping things basic and simple and investing in classic, quality pieces not only lasts longer, but the look is so refreshing!


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