Wearing: Earrings ASOS, Turtle neck COS, Wool coat COS, Pants Zara, Wedges H&M.

When it comes to my outfits lately there hasn't been much diversity then my white angora jumpers, wool coat and white pants with some thermal clothing underneath.
It has been cold as fuck and if I do not need to leave the house I rather stay in.
I like looking at snow from my window but hate walking in it especially in my white garments.
I seriously have no clue how I did it years ago when I never wore flat shoes and walked around in high heels in the winter but no way I'm doing that again.
Seriously kids do not try this at home. 
I will stick to my white Dr. Martens until the snow disappears.

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  1. Beautiful images as always. Totally agree about going out in this weather, I can't stand it much longer, looks great from inside but the reality of slipping around, Getting wet, wearing 100 layers yet still being cold, dry skin and face screwed up from the icy wind No Thank You! Lol :)

  2. Nice pictures!!! I don't even know anymore how to dress myself for this weather, here in Paris there isn't any snow anymore but there was last week and I only was wearing my fuzzy boots to keep me from slipping off the sidewalk.


  3. I especially love how the earrings finish the whole look.
    Haha i always wondered how you did the whole walking in the snow in high heels
    years, but you have to post an outfit picture with your white dr. Martens! I'm so curious how your gorgeous white outfits will look edgy with those boots on!

    1. I will def try to do that. Or at least show them. X

  4. ice queen with the red lips.. love u xxx

  5. Beautiful earrings! i love your minimalistic, perfect style


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