Aligned forms

Wearing: Turtle neck COS (sale), Wool coat COS (sale)

"The garment reflects the old mystical dream of 'seamlessness' ; since the garment envelops the body, is not the miracle precisely that the body can enter it without leaving a trace of doing so?"
Roland Barthes 1967

7 opmerkingen:

  1. You did it well and it's actually cool <3

  2. I love how the coat transforms the turtleneck from something almost dorky to something very chic. It looks great!

  3. Can you remember me in which book of Roland Barthes comes this quote ?

    I think I should do like and wait for sales at COS to buy some things there instead of always dreaming of what they are selling..

    1. Yes, Systeme de la mode.
      I love COS sale, it is so good. They always sell good quality and it to buy it for a little less feels awesome.

  4. whoa a quotation from Roland Barthes about fashion, impressive
    your look is also simply impressive!


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