The fall

Wearing: Jacket Zara, Pants H&M (new on sale), Shoes Nelly (sale)

After a while of saving I recently purchased a new camera and I couldn't be happier.
My previous one was about to die and it had a hard time focussing.
I'm planning on creating some new contents since my new camera will provide certain things I could not do before.
I do have to get used and figure everything out but at least it provides sharp photos.
While running some errands two days ago along with my boyscout Jasper I found myself these pants on sale and couldn't resist taking them home.
I did have to wear two coats since it is too fucking cold here in the Netherlands to compensate the exposed ankles so I probably won't wear these pants too often the next couple of months but definitely in the future. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. love it. all your pictures are so inspiring and different from all the fashion blogs! keep it up!
    have a nice evening

  2. gorgeous photos, this looks like an editorial


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