Acne paper 14th issue winter 2012
Photographs by Viviane Sassen Styling Mattias Karlsson

Somehow I haven't done anything like this for over six months but I realized that I missed sharing what books or magazines I read and where I like to go.
Herby one of my recent magazine purchases, Acne paper.
Unlike most magazines Acne paper carries one ad which is only found on the back of the paper.
You pay for thick and strong content and that for only 10 euros.
Not so long ago I purchased Carine Roitfeld's fashion book and despite the very strong editorial content I couldn't get pass the at least 30 pages of advertisement.
Don't get me wrong I'm interested in the latest campaigns and ads but I don't like the feeling that I have just bought a magazine that has more advertisement than content.
The main reason I bought this issue of Acne paper is the 'New York minute' editorial of photographer Viviane Sassen.
Once I saw it online I knew I had to have it in print.
Speaking of her brilliance some of her work is now exhibited in Huis Marseille until the 3th of March.
Acne paper is published twice a year by Acne studios.

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  1. hmmm, thanks for sharing, Ilanka… I wonder if it’s available in states. Probably in NY. :)


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