White walls

These shoes had been my everyday shoes past spring/summer which unfortunately resulted in them being totally worn out.
I had been looking for the same or similar pair but it wasn't until now that I found the same pair.
The down side is that either my feet have grown a few inches or they run a bit smaller then I thought.
I have had a few readers asking me about these shoes and since I do not fit these, I'm selling them.
Leave a comment if you are interested or send me an email.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. mooie schoenen! jammerdat het niet mijn maat is!


  2. Loving all the white you've been wearing!

    x camerafilmroll

  3. what brand, ? your's are not my size. but the shape is just PERFECT!!!

  4. Not my size, but i'd like to know the brand because de shape is just what i'm looking for !!!


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