Expanded lines

Wearing: White coat by my mum, Vintage Levi's DIY.

I knew that at some point I had find a coat which will keep me warm during the winter but I what I had in mind was nowhere to be found.
But I'm very blessed with a very creative and loving mother, she came home a week ago with fabric she knew I would love.
Once I told her I would love to make the coat I had in mind she made it in less then a week and I couldn't be more happier.
The lines are perfect but above all the coat is super warm.
My mother has always been a huge inspiration to me.
When she was my age she didn't have the change to go and study as I'm doing now but nevertheless she worked very hard to become the person that she is.
And I will be more then honored to become as graceful and caring as she is once I become her age.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. wat een geweldige jas! Super dat ze die zelf heeft gemaakt!

  2. Lovely coat...clearly the two of you share the same creative DNA

  3. White is a killer! I loooove it! And I love your white nails too! Classy and sexy.


  4. Great coat! & I'm sure you'll be as graceful as her! xx.

  5. Your mum is very talented and the coat is perfect!

  6. Je jas ziet er echt heel mooi uit, zo knap dat jouw moeder die zelf maakte!

  7. The color of your lips fits perfectly with whole outfit.

  8. I love how you pull off these very sophisticated all white looks. Very daring. If people can wear all black, why not all white? Again, love it!....and your mom did an amazing job with the coat.

  9. je foto's hebben een soort aura, echt heel mooi om te zien!

  10. fantastic! Love your blog and your style


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