Wearing: OPI Alpine snow, Rose gold cuff ASOS (sale).

When it comes to accessories I like to keep it as minimalistic as possible.
Over the past year I have created this obsession with rose gold jewelry and ever since all I wear has to be rose gold.
I received this cuff almost two years ago from my dear Jasper and worn it to pieces.
While surfing on the web I found the cuff on sale and decided to buy it since I had to throw the other one away and missed something on my wrist.
Like the other one, it hurts as fuck but at least it's pretty right? 

8 opmerkingen:

  1. It's absolutely perfect simple and elegant! I so much agree with you, I love one piece, minimal is class!
    I hate that what they call arm party with 20 different items hanging. Such anti sexual working class fashion.

    I love your white classy style dear! Goed zo :)


  2. it hurts you? :O damn! mine doesn't, luckily. it's a beauty though, I just HAD to get it two years ago, too. actually, I'm thinking about getting another one in some other color.

  3. I have the same one in gun metal, love it...have to get it in other colors!


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