Lost and found

Photo by Jasper Rens van Es
Wearing: Coat Zara, Angora jumper Weekday, Leather skirt DIY.

With the last beautiful day we will probably have this month there was no way I was going to wear pants again so I decided to wear something warm and cozy up top and a skirt beneath.
The past few days have been quite busy with the academy, working on shoots and starting my new job at Ansh46.
I really enjoy what I do and when I think of the times when I was younger when I had no clue of what I wanted to do and basically did nothing because I had no goal, I can not imagine having that at this point in my life.
I realize how grateful I'm to have found what I have been missing and wouldn't trade it for anything.
There is nothing more enjoyable then to be able to do what you love the most.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the pic Ilanka! En mooi geschreven, vooral de laatste zin :) Truth!

    X Fleur


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