Because we are worth it

Wearing: Earrings Topshop/DIY, Angora Jumper Weekday (a gift from my loves Jasper and Habib), Skirt Zara, Shoes Zara.

Is it your personality, your intelligence, your grace, your glance?
How can you define yourself?
I believe there is a time for everything.
A time for creating and a time for growth.
Even though these two go together most of the times, there comes the times were your realize that you are falling for the same old trick and growth does not define itself.
To grow one must take risks and give all.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. white is definitely your color
    I love this post
    the photos are so striking, gorgeous!

  2. geweldige trui! Vind het knap dat je zo vaak wit draagt, ik zou het niet schoon kunnen houden!

  3. The things you say are very often the exact same things Im learning and thinking about, but all these bits of wisdom come through tough lessons, searching and reading. I believe God is showing me these things so I can develop. Where do you find inspiration for growth?

    1. I find growth in taking risks and I often learn from hard experiences in life.

    2. yes, sadly the hard experiences in life are the ones that push us the most. So I am thankful for those as well :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Ik volg je al vanaf het begin & heb heel veel respect voor jou en de aanpak van je blog! Ga zo door! xx.

  5. bobbie is right,white is beautiful on you!
    And your sweater is the kind of sweater I'm looking for!

  6. Wauw, heel mooi!

    Heb je geloof ik wel eens in Rotterdam gezien. Altijd toffe outfits aan!




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