Barcelona 2012

As said before I had a fantastic week in Barcelona and I thought it would be nice to gather my favorite places and share them with you.
It was my first time in Barcelona and I was mostly mesmerized by the architecture.
We have done a lot in a week inside and outside Barcelona and here are my tips which you might find handy if you ever go to Barcelona.
To visit MontJuic to experience Barcelona romantically I would recommend going at night. The best view over Barcelona from Castell de MontJuic is at sunset but I must say I was more impressed by Palau Sant Jordi but that may have to do with the fact that we had the whole place for ourself including a beautiful night view over Barcelona. 
At the foot of Palau Nacional (in the center of plaza Espanya) there is the Font Magica definitely fun to see at night as well. 
Parc Guell before we went to Parc Guell we went to Sagrada de Familia and even though it was impressive we decided not to go in due the long lines even thought it was quite early in the morning.
Parc Guell has a beautiful view over the city and there is a lot to see, if you are interested in seeing some of Gaudi's work I would definitely recommend Parc Guell.
Casa Batllo something you simply should have seen.
Mercat de la boqueria very nice market with many stands to eat, smell of fresh fruits and to be impressed how everything is placed and lined up.
Sigtes a small town outside Barcelona which is the perfect getaway from the busy streets in Barcelona.
It has this beautiful and peaceful atmosphere and has a great beach with crystal blue water.
Make sure to go out for a full day to enjoy the architecture, food and beach the fullest.
Sigtes is easy to reach by train, it will only take you about 35 minutes.
To eat Dostrece (carrer del carme, 40) insanely cozy cool place with tattooed waiters, illustrated and graffiti walls.
The food is lovely, the waiters are kind and the price is very good.
Flash Flash (granada de penedes, 25) in a pop-art setting and white interior you will find yourself in a somewhat American atmosphere.
Great thing to know is that Flash Flash was opened in the 70s and the interior hasn't changed since.
The waiters were super kind, however I was not that satisfied with the food. 
It may have come because I received super raw meat (and if there is one thing I do not like it must be raw meat) and after asking if it could be well done it was still kind of red and therefore I did not fell well afterwords.
However there are a lot of other things on the menu (if you are anything like me do not order any of the hamburgers) and the prices are inexpensive.
Kiosko (marques de l'argentera, 1bis) has the best hamburgers in town and is a very cozy place to have a bite.
Kiosko is more then popular because the food is good and the prices are inexpensive so make sure you come before 10pm it you do not want to stand in a huge line.
Foc Barcelonetta (passeig don joan borbo comte barcelona, 66) a great place close to the beach where you can have a great bite and drinks. It is very close to the beach so if you like night walks on the beach I will definitely recommend doing that after eating at Foc.
Les quinze nits (plaza real, 6) has delicious food and desserts for an very inexpensive price. Here you must come before 10pm as well since there will be a very long line around that time.
Before that there can also be a line but it won't take very long and it is definitely worth the wait.
Mimos (carrer carme, 39) there are many places that sell frozen yoghurt in Barcelona but I find Mimos the best place for delicious frozen yoghurt or smoothie. 
To shop Calle Reira Baxai besides the stores COS, Topshop, American Apparel, Zara and H&M (which are definitely not hard to find) if you are interested in vintage you should definitely go to Reira Baxai.
Finding a good vintage store in Barcelona is not easy but luckily this street offers door to door vintage stores filled with accessories, shoes and clothes (not to mention the huge amount of Levi's shorts).

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  1. Lovely photos as always! Thanks for the Barcelona guide, it will be most helpful if I go there someday, as it's so hard to find approved restaurants and places to shop vintage! x

  2. Wauw prachtige foto's!! Ziet er zo heerlijk uitt en thanks voor alle tips :)

  3. prachtige foto's!
    En handig ook, deze tour guide!

  4. Wow, mooie foto's, die eerste vooral! Ben zelf nog nooit geweest, maar wil wel zo snel mogelijk een keer gaan!

  5. gorgeous. thanks for sharing!! I’ll be bookmarking this post in my “travel destinations” folder :)

  6. lovely photos. especially the first one. <3

  7. lovely pictures and beautiful you!

  8. love this barcelona post, it is so vivid! still love the brightness of your photos but the little touch of color is fabulous too!


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