Shoes  Georgia Rose via Sarenza (left pair repainted by me)

I sure hasn't gone unnoticed that I have been leaning towards very minimal designs lately especially in whites.
Garments and shoes in the color white are not in abundance and once I want something and can not find it I search for ways to create it myself.
I was more then satisfied with my nude version of these heels and decided to order another pair and go Margiela on them (in other words paint them completely white).
I had already painted another pair of shoes completely white before these (will show those later) but these definitely ask for more patience due the small straps and lines.
 For those who wonder what product I used to dye the shoes I bought paint for leather and cleaned the surface before applying the paint.
I'm pretty satisfied with the way they turned out and will wear them in a full look soon.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel erg mooi!
    Je bent echt een soort voorbeeld voor me

  2. Dat is slim! Ik vind beide kleuren prachtig. X

  3. Great job on the shoes. I saw your most recent outfit posts wearing them and they look great. Love your white outfits x


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