Wearing: Leather top DIY, Dress Zara (old), Pants H&M, Shoes Georgia Rose/DIY

Currently into layers which does not exactly fit the time of the year but here the weather is far from summer (imagine wearing a coat on top while it's July).
Luckily I will be leaving for Barcelona soon but before that there are some busy days ahead such as tomorrow were I will be having two shoots in Amsterdam.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. nothing beats a layered white ensemble. it's qite tricky because some piece are whiter than the other. yer good at this ...

  2. Love the outfit! I just came back from The Netherlands and I was so stunned by the speed weather changes there! Never the less, I visited Amsterdam, Den Haag and Leiden and I loved it, such a beautiful country! x

  3. Love your cuffs, beautiful pieces!

  4. the cuffs are perfect. looks fantastic

  5. love the outfit and the layering!


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