Wearing: Leather top DIY, Rose bracelet ASOS (old), Mint green pants H&M Trend, Shoes Nelly

Both restless body and mind creates the conflict of not being able to stay inside for longer than a day and it is pretty tiring since my mind says there is no time for rest while my body says otherwise.
However while running errands I somehow (Ok I admit I went looking for it) bumped into the book I-D Covers (1980-2010) and totally looking forward to read it in bed later today after I get some work done.

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  1. total white - look incredible ! ;

  2. Wat is je haar mooi! Maar sowieso is het totaalplaatje adembenemend. Perfectionisme!

  3. i love this monochrome! i was battling that last week when i was home sick. it would almost be better to be really busy because then you're distracted from the fact that you haven't been productive creatively. you look great though!

  4. I love your top, DIY!!!!???!!!! Perfect white look including g your hair :)

  5. Love your shirt! This look is great.

  6. love how this look is ALMOST total white, but staying off that concept with subtle nuances of mint and rose!

  7. have you seen the movie "restless?" i think you would enjoy it very much: mia wasikowska and henry hopper. "we have a short amount of time to say things we mean." your blog is always inspiring : )
    <3 theseunitedstatesofamericans

    1. I did, I loved that movie.
      Thank you <3 x


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