Het onttakelen van het oude idee van mode

Marni for H&M shoes (sale)

I find it hard to define it in words but over the years which certainly did not go unnoticed my perception and interpretation of fashion have drastically changed.
It all has to do with the fact that I search for immersion/new visionaries and read more books/magazines. 
The person I was two years ago and especially what I wore two years ago has totally disappeared and in my opinion grew into someone who became more sophisticated and able to distinguish herself from others.
Yesterday Jasper convinced me to finally break all the walls down and do a closet clean out.
It sure wasn't the easiest thing to do but after doing it and going from four full closets to one it felt more then good.
It gives me a better view of what I have and how I want to emerge my style.
There comes a time where you have to look ahead without looking back.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. i've done the same a few weeks ago, and i feel so good about it! giving a really massive clean out of the closet it's the best thing.

  2. Ga je die schoenen ook verkopen? Zo ja, welke maat en voor hoe veel? (:

  3. Nee helaas, deze doe ik niet weg, deze zijn nieuw!

  4. Je kleerkast uitruimen is inderdaad iets wat noodzakelijk is als je vernieuwend wil blijven. Minder stukken dwingen je om creatiever om te gaan met wat je wel hebt, en het maakt duidelijker wat je kan overwegen om te kopen.
    x Yunes

  5. I always have troubles leaving things (and clothes:) behind, even though I know it must have feel sooo liberating...


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