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French-Isreali artist Meir Eshel who goes by the name Absalon (which is French for the rebellious son of the Old Testament King David) and his so called Cellules is being exhibited in Boijmans.
The living cells are based on the dimensions of Absalon his own body as if it were to shelter only one person.
In each cell you will find almost everything for the daily ritual acts including crack windows to keep an eye on unwanted guests.
The spaces suggest a need for protection and shielding from the chaotic everyday life.
Absalon describes his cells as "a stronghold of resistance against a society that prevents me to be what I need to be."
A intimate exhibition worth a visit.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Not bad photos... They seem to be really professional.. <3

  2. Seems like a beautiful exhibition.

    Love your pictures, they look really professional.


  3. aaah! Hier wou ik naartoe gaan. Aankomende week toch maar eens langsgaan. Love it, xx


  4. Ben er ook laatst heen geweest! Echt gaaf om te zie , en mooie foto's!


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