Recap of november

I like to look ahead of things.
By that I do not mean looking ahead and planning ahead of things to do (when it comes to that I rather be spontaneous) but on what will come if I make certain choices.
Thinking of where I want to be and what it will take to get myself there.
It envolves taking chances and consequences but I say yes to taking chances.
There is one day left for the month to end and even though I do not know where I will be tomorrow, I am sure I will be there with a smile.

An exploration

Photos by me.

I have been exploring who it is to create and deliver concepts and looks.
I spent the full day in the studios yesterday and I must say it amazes me how it takes more then hard work to create (which I already knew but now I can say from experience).
Especially gathering all the clothes and carrying it from location to location is what people seem to not know a stylist has to do as well (I have already dislocated two shoulders).
The past shoots that I have been doing show how different it is to style one other then yourself.
I have only been working with black and yesterday some lighter tones.
There are many more things I want to create and discover as a stylist, to be diverse and innovative.
The best feeling is that people do believe and me and give me the opportunity to deliver but the most important thing is that I believe in myself.


Wearing: Everything H&M, except the shoes Jonak pumps via Sarenza

Somehow I have not been able to resist floral prints lately.
I had fallen over a floral blouse already when I saw these pants I knew I had at least try them on.
Despite the fact that I won't be able to wear these pants so often (which totally goes against my standard when buying something I must know and be able to wear it multiple times in different combinations) something told me to the chagrin of my wallet to do it anyway.
There was also a matching floral blazer which I desperately wanted to take with but the fitting was so poor.
If only they had made a good fitting blazer I could sport the Celine resort 2012 look I was so intrigued by.

On point

Floral pants H&M trend, Jonak pointy heels via Sarenza

They say time changes everything and so did my current wardrobe.
I already threw out many items and I recently added these pointy heels to my collection.
These are my second pair of pointy heels and despite the high discomfort they look amazing under any pair of pants.

Destination or journey

Wearing: Necklace and jumper H&M, Pants and shoes Zara.

While I was browsing true an old issue of Self Service magazine my eyes fell upon a quote by Bruce Mau.
" When the outcome drives the process, we will only ever go to where we've already been. If process drives the outcome we may not know where we're are going but we will know we want to be there."
The whole part written by Ezra Petronio got my thinking.
I often feel like I am so focused on the outcome that I forget the process which is sometimes even more important.
Any experience defines who you are and where you will be.

Two toned

Wearing: Lipstick MAC, Two toned blouse Nowhere, Rings H&M.

Even though I am not a girl who buys many basics one of the things I enjoy to have and combine are white blouses.
This two toned blouse is my recent addition to the wardrobe.
It has both a masculine and feminine feel which fits me perfectly.

Contemporary fashion designers

Photos by me

It probably hasn't gone unnoticed that I have been buying many books lately.
My recent purchase was more then unexpected since I had found it at the H&M store while I was puking over the Versace for H&M collection.
The book 100 contemporary fashion designers by Terry Jones (creative director and founder of i-D magazine) has been on my wishlist for a while and I couldn't be more happier bump into it for a ridiculously low price.
The book is build out of two parts which give a comprehensive picture of the international fashion industry by presenting both emerging designers as the now respected names.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the industry.

Fate is written in the face

Wearing: Mac lipstick, Floral blouse Zara, Leather skirt vintage, Jeffrey campbell wedges via Sarenza.

I can hardly keep my fucking eyes open and all I long for is my warm and cozy bed.
I have learned over the years that waking up early isn't one of my strongest points even though I care about having productive days.
I have been staring at my screen to find words to write down but my brain are similar to the ones of a donkey right now.
All I can think of is the fact that we should never take anything for granted because nothing in life is guaranteed.
Having a dream is one thing but accomplishing one takes dedication and motivation.

Cut off the ropes and let me fall

Wearing: H&M necklaces, H&M trend cardigan, Zara dress worn as top, Pants Zara, Pumps Jonak via Sarenza

" I came to art because I wanted to escape the other regulations of the society. "
Comme des Garcons

Pages in your diary

Photos by me.
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Since I was a little girl I write all my memories down.
I used to be the only one to know what everything meant and how it looked like.
There is nothing more intriguing then having the opportunity to visually create and tell a story without using words.